5 Ways To Begin Analyzing Your Dreams…

Getting Started – So you want to analyze your dreams to find out more about yourself and explore your psyche, but there is just one little catch. Your having trouble actually remembering when the last time you regularly had a dream or what it was….

  • …If you are going to start your dream analysis journey, you are going to need something to analyze, and that means first getting better at dream recall.
  • You dream just about every night, but sometimes you are just unaware of what you dreamed about the night before. Even if you only slightly remember one of your dreams, once you have fully awakened without recalling and focusing on your dreams, the likelihood of you fully remembering what you dreamed about the previous night is likely gone forever.
  • To avoid the above scenario, and to improve your dream recall, or just to get better at promoting dream memory and recall, I am going to give you some useful tips through out the article below. This will help you build consistency in capturing your dreams.

Capturing Your Dreams:

The first crucial step to getting in the habit of remembering your dreams, is to start your dream journal. I know i know, you have heard it all before, and keeping a dream journal sounds corny, and like homework…

…But hey you are going to need to do this if you want to have regular access to, and a recollection of something to analyze to learn about what your own dreams mean.Dream Journal

Here is the easy fix…

…Just place a small notebook and pen by your bedside, and get in the habit of writing down the first thoughts you have when you wake up in the morning.

If your thoughts are about a dream you remembered, fantastic. If you can’t remember, write something anyway. Just write about your initial thoughts and feelings of the day.

The more you do the above, the more you build the habit of writing and recalling your thoughts and feelings when you first wake up. This at least gets you thinking of remembering (or trying to remember) what happened in your sleeping state. Eventually it will come together.

Tell Yourself to Dream:

  • Another Technique you can use to aid in the process is to tell yourself as you fall asleep “I will remember my dreams”. Quietly repeat this to yourself in your head as you doze of before bedtime.
  • Not only will this help induce and promote dreaming, it will help you to recall the dreams when you wake up in the morning. This is synergistic with keeping a dream journal of course.

Be as Descriptive and Detailed as possible…

While collecting your thoughts from the previous night, try write down as many details as you can immediately upon awaking. Not only should you try to capture the sights and sounds, places, things and colors you dreamed about…

…you should also be attempting to articulate your feelings resulting from the dream. This is probably the most crucial part. How did your dream make you feel, and how do you feel now thinking about it. If you can’t recall your dream, at least write about how your are feeling at the moment.

Having the feelings associated with your dreams logged, will aid tremendously in unlocking their true relevance and meaning for you. Trust me you are going to want to have it written down. The only thing harder than remembering a dreams specific details, is remembering the specific feelings associated with them!!!

Build a Discipline of Concentration and Recollection Through Meditation:

Another way to improve your general concentration and dream recall is to practice meditating.

  • Meditating during the day is a great way to improve mental focus and the effects can help meditation dream focusdevelop a more focused brain that is able to concentrate to remember dreams.
  • Even if its just for just 15 to 20 minutes a day, meditating will not only provide you with some calm and clearing feelings during from your everyday stresses, but it will also help you develop better will power, and a will to recall your dreams.
  • Find some example meditation routines, there are plenty of available resources for this on Youtube and elsewhere. The more frequently and regularly you practice meditating and putting yourself into a trance like state, the stronger the likelihood that you will be able to focus and remember your dreams.

Don’t sabotage your efforts….

one final point that should be somewhat common sense… don’t do things that interfere too much with a normal sleeping pattern.

  • Eating heavily before bedtime, eating spicy food, drinking (too much alcohol) or cutting your sleep too short (getting too little sleep) is not conducive to reaching a deep REM sleep that is necessary to have dreams that you can recollect.
  • Do your best to try to get a regular full nights sleep as its a prerequisite to your analysis and interpretation efforts.
  • Physically exercising regularly will also help promote restful REM sleep. you should try as much as possible to stick to a sleep schedule by going to sleep and waking up close to the same times everyday. Drastically deviating from this will wreak havoc on your sleep cycles.
  • Get enough sleep!!!

To Recap:

  1. Have your dream tools available (this includes a pen and a dream journal by your bedside).
  2. Tell yourself to remember your dreams as you fall asleep.
  3. Capture your dream notes and feelings as soon as you wake up and be detailed and descriptive about the imagery and your feeling and reactions.
  4. Practice meditating for 10-20 minutes a day to develop mental mindfulness and focus to aid in your recollection efforts.
  5. Keep a regular sleep schedule, get a full nights rest, and don’t engage in activities that regularly disrupt healthful sleep.

Do all of the above, and you are well on your way to remembering, recording and building a book of your dreams to analyze. Once you have a few weeks worth of dream notes check out this article ==> for more resources to help you interpret your dreams.